Get to know PHX F or more than 25 years, the Parcel Handling Express has offered its clients the most modern importation and exportation logistics management for small parcels, in the Courier Class. It works together with regulatory organs at the airports being a reference in its segment. Nowadays it concentrates its efforts in the HEALTHCARE division.

Healthcare includes the Courier transport of biological samples, medications, products for the health area, supplies and equipment used in the pharmaceutical, hospital and laboratorial area. All of this with a follow up of highly capacitate professionals, developing specific solutions for each process, lowering operational costs and an excellent level of satisfaction.

PHX works with the conviction of offering high quality services and customer service, quick decision making to act with excellence and safety in the specialized transportation sector, be it hospital, laboratorial, pharmaceutical, national or international courier and cargo. Investing in state-of-the-art technology, we develop solutions that allow us to reduce transportation and logistics costs.
Each parcel is treated individually, pro-actively monitored throughout the process.
We have a risk management system and delivery monitoring from the moment of pick up until its delivery at destiny.
We deliver and pick up parcels in more than 5000 cities throughout Brazil.
PHX is compromised in dealing with all parcels based on individual priority, offering a premium service.
Having its own fleet of vehicles and specially adapted vehicles, the company complies with all the norms of sanitary standards for the transportation of biological samples, in ideal conditions of cooling or freezing. In case a parcel needs a change of dry-ice or special presentation for customs dispatch, the PHX team works with expertise and agility to handle these needs. The temperature is controlled during the entire way, registering the minimum variations that may occur. These cares result in agility, trustworthiness and safety.

Being in constant search for excellence in customer service, PHX offers integrated logistics services and a larger agility in formal importation and exportation services, besides the traditional customs clearance services for courier parcels.
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