Single Declaration for Exportation (DU-E) Since 2017, the Single Declaration for Exportation, also known as DU-E, sterted being introduced in the process of shipping goods abroad. In the beginning of July, 2018, it became mandatory all over the country. With this change, the customs activity became more agile and Brazil became more competitive in the international Market. DU-E. What is it? The DU-E is a basic document for customs dispatch and it includes all the goods in a parcel that is being exported. The document includes customs, commercial, tributary, administrative, financial, fiscal and logistics information. The creation of the DU-E is a consequence of the Foreign Trade Single Portal, a Federal Government program aimed at reducing importation and exportation processes of goods burocracy, reducing times that involve these operations. It´s estimated the dispatch time will be reduced in 50% with these changes.

Just like any process that becomes digital, the DU-E has made the cargo handling registry in an exportation activity more assertive and less complicated. The issuing of this document excludes the need of others being issued such as Exportation Registry (RE), Exportation Declaration (DE) and Simplified Exportation Declaration (DSE), besides being possible to integrate the Electronic Invoice. The concentration on the single declaration allows to better track and control the operations, reduces in at least 60% the amount of information to be given, extinguishes the duplicity of information, reduces the time of process execution and eliminates the use of paper.

The clearance of the customs processes is the main objective of any foreign trade company and the elimination of burocratic processes is beneficial for the government and for the contributor, due to the fact that it will bring more objectiveness and productivity.

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