Photovoltaic energy, an eco-friendly solution The Photovoltaic solar energy is obtained through the direct conversion of sunlight into electricity. It is an electromagnetic energy whose source is the sun. This type of energy is used to power various types of apps and autonomous equipment, to power homes that are isolated from the power distribution lines and to produce energy in a large scale through the distribution networks. How it Works The solar energy is produced during the day when the sun shines on the photovoltaic panel. The more light the panel receives the more electric energy is generated. This energy goes into the Power Supplier´s network, generating credits that will be used to power the house during the night.

The whole system should last for more than 25 years, if well maintained and made up of high quality equipment. PHX Services and Photovoltaic Solar Energy There are innumerous advantages in using solar energy and the benefits of economy are fairly attractive: reduction in up to 95% in your monthly energy bill; increased value of the real state with the implemented system; long term planning of energy consumption costs and total investment return in 5 to 7 years’ time.

But PHX Services focus to install a photovoltaic system in the company was energy aimed sustainability. By using an innovative technology that does not harm the planet and collaborates with environmental preservation by reducing the production of gases that cause the greenhouse effect.

As a company, our intention is to contribute with sustainable energy consumption and try to invert the planet´s global warming process caused by the burning of fossil fuels that is getting worse by the day.

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