Social Environmental Responsibility
S ince its foundation, PHX promotes a social-environmental program to increase the solidary practices among its collaborators, seeing that its necessary to reduce electricity consumption and minimize the emission of CO2, we introduced the use of solar panels as the main source of electric power. The exchange of the power supply is one of the most sustainable and impacting attitudes a company can do. The solar energy has a very low environmental impact and to consume 100% clean electric energy is the most efficient way to compensate the emission of CO2.

Our vehicles are all under 5 years of use and comply with the environmental laws by using biofuels and go through periodic maintenances.

Undoubtedly, sustainability is not a joke and cannot be set aside. It represents a very real concern in the market and our main goal is to promote good individual habits, regardless the absolute changes be small, the behavioral impact is very relevant.
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