Clinical We have our own fleet of equipped climatized vehicles with Data Loggers to be used upon request, for temperature monitoring of products during transportation.
We work 24/7 and throughout the entire Brazilian territory. We also supply permanent support to researchers and sponsors about transportation, logistics planning, certified packaging, among others.
Differentials Production of weekly, bi-weekly or monthly reports

Customer Service is done by an account manager that guarantees a specialized and exclusive relationship with dedicated teams all over Brazil and the world.

Necessary expertise to see to the sector´s needs and vast experience to manage complex processes. Products
  • Reference Standards originating from biological material
  • Biological material collection kit
  • Goods coming from environmental, chemical or biological nature
  • Biological samples of human or animal origin
  • Muscular-skeleton tissue, cardiac valve, hemotherapeutical cells, germinative tissues, human pre-embryos, corneas e solid human organs
  • Transportation supplies (appropriated and certified packaging, dry ice and gel pack)
Temperature Management From being part in a clinical trial or commercial products for distribution, PHX will see to the management needs of sensitive carriages to temperature while the client´s materials are on the go.

Understanding the need of temperature stability during transportation, especially in the following intervals:
  • Controlled Atmosphere
  • Refrigeration
  • Frozen goods
  • Liquid Nitrogen Vapor Shipper
  • With a team available to advise you about the use of adequate packaging for temperature control to best ship your parcel
Support to the Clinical investigator researcher Acting with excellence in the clinical research market and in the investigation of new pharmaceuticals and treatments, our support service guarantees that the clinical trials researchers get a first-class treatment, be it through receiving materials and clinical trials or through sending biological samples. We make sure that the information about the transportation and conditions of the samples be updated through the system or through an investigator manual to guarantee the highest quality transportation.
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