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These Terms of Use of PHXSERVICES.COM (these “Terms of Use”) govern the use of the phxservices.com website at www.phxservices.com and any other website herein after (collectively, the “Site”) for you and for those that act in your name.

The signature on a printed version of these Terms of Use or your acceptance or a visualization or use of the Site by you or by those that act in your name will constitute an agreement between you and those that act in your name in all the terms and conditions supplied in these Terms of Use. All the references to "you" or "yours" bellow refer to you and to those that act in your name.

The Parcel Handling Express. (“PHX”) owns the website and can change or modify these Terms of Use at any time and from time to time, with or without previous notice and for any reason. The view or subsequent use of the Site will constitute an agreement with such changes and/ or modifications.

Additional terms and conditions referred to or supplied in these Terms of Use and in the entire site govern its use of functions, resources, information, applications, services and specific available products through the website.

The Site is operated by PHX for the benefit of the Companies Parcel Handling Express and its clients and those who act in name of such clients. All the references to “PHX´s client” refer to actual and potential clients (according to the case) of any or everyone of PHXs Companies and of those acting in name of such clients.


O Website is available for PHX´s clients´ use when related to their Parcel Handling, allowing them to interact with the company. The Site is also a reference source for our clients, supplying them with information about various services and products available. Any use of the Site by any other person or entity for any another purpose is forbidden. None of PHX´s companies, nor its respective shareholders, directors, executives, employees, agents, independent hires, representatives or attorneys, assume any obligation or responsibility for such prohibited use.

A client that is now registered at PHX can access the information and advanced services through the site, track his parcel, and see other information. The non-registered clients can only access pages of general interest and information about PHX and its respective business, services, products and locations, besides the limited tracking information.

Any access to the site to obtain information through automated search channels or programs, is absolutely forbidden. To use or try to use the site to compete with PHX or to interfere with its business is strictly forbidden.

PHX does not accept ideas, concepts or techniques for new services or products through the site. If such information is received, it will not be considered confidential nor the proprietor, and PHX will be free to use, communicate or explore such information in any way.


PHX can, at its exclusive and absolute criteria, discontinue, suspend or modify the access or any other user´s access to the site or to any other part of it at any time, with or without previous notice and for any reason.


PHX can add resources or services to the Site for its clients´ use or can make changes to the existing resources and services. PHX can make such additions and changes at any time and from time to time, with or without previous notice and for any reason. The subsequent view or use of the site will constitute your agreement with these additions or changes.

You may register to use the advanced services of the Site by creating a PHX client account and accepting these online Terms of Use. By registering, you agree in supplying accurate and updated information about yourself, as initially requested by PHX, and agree to keep your information updated. If any information supplied by you is not precise or updated, or if PHX has any reason to suspect that this information is not correct or updated, it may suspend or cancel your registry and access of any other user to the page or any part of it at any time, with or without previous notice.

To register, you will select a password to follow your user name. you will also supply a list of your employees and agents that are authorized to access in your name the Online Entry, that may be changed periodically. Each one of these authorized users will choose a user name and password. Their user names and passwords will be associated to your account at PHX. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of these User Names and passwords and for any and every activity and use of the Site by you or that may occur through the use of these User Names and passwords. So, you are obliged and through this instrument agree to immediately notify PHX about the non-authorized use of any User Name or password and supply PHX with an updated and complete list of those who are authorized to access the Online Entry in your name

We suggest that, as part of the processes to maintain the safety of all the User Names and passwords, you guarantee that you and those that act in your name log off the Site immediately after concluding their visit. You should avoid saving your User Name and password in any computer used to access the Site, especially if you are out of a safe environment.


PHX can, at its own and absolute criteria, at any time and from time to time, with or without previous notice and for any reason, change or update the Site and change, update or exclude any content that may appear or be accessible in the site or through it. Any content, including, without limitations, information, graphics, services, products, resources, use and usage and links (collectively, the "Content").


The Site and its Contents are protected by the copyright laws, registered brands and other Brazilian and international laws. All the rights at and for the site and its contents are reserved. By granting access to the site, PHX is not transmitting and does not transmit to anyone any property right of the site or of any content. You are only granted a limited license to reproduce the Content in your computer with the goal of accessing the site and using the resources and services in it accessible. You are also granted a license to print information that appears on your computer´s screen during the use of the resources and services of the site. No other permission is granted in any way to download, modify, reproduce, use, copy or distribute and Content.

PHX®´s logo and service brands are PHX registered service brands, and its use is forbidden. Other registered brands and service brands that appear in the Content are of their respective owners’ properties.


The site and its content are supplied “as is”, with any guarantee, expressed or implicit, including, without limitation, commercialization guarantees, adequacy to a determined use, title or non-infraction, relative to the website or its content or its capability or incapability of using the website or its contents. You expressly accept that the use of the website and its contents are at your own risk. Neither PHX or any of its respective shareholders, counselors, directors, employees, agents, independent hires, representatives or attorneys will be responsible for you or any other person or entity, may request on your behalf any right to damage directly or indirectly, as a consequence of, fortuitous or other damage under any lawful theory in respect of mistakes, the use or the impossibility of use of the site or any of its content, including, without any limitation, losses due to profit losses, business losses or for data loss or damage in any of the computers systems, regardless of you having advised PHX or any of its shareholders, counselors, directors, employees, agents, independent hires, representatives or attorneys about the possibility of such damages.


You waive and agree to indemnify and waive PHX and its respective shareholders, counselors, directors, employees, agents, independent hires, representatives or attorneys of every and any requests, demands, causes of action, responsibility, damage, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney costs, relative to these Terms of Use or its use or access to the Site and to its Content.


The terms and conditions to use PHX transportation services are defined bellow (collectively, the “Transportation Conditions”):

(a) PHXs Complete Transportation Conditions, according to its periodic amendments, are herein incorporated by this reference and have become part of it,

(b) the AirWay Bill that is part of the respective parcel given to PHX to be transported, and

(c) the fee due to PHX that applies to the location where given parcel is offered to be transported or the fee agreed upon by PHX and the sender of such parcel, according to the periodic amendment.

The transportation conditions may be altered at any time and from time to time, with or without previous notice and for any reason. Its visualization or subsequent use of the Site, requesting transportation for a parcel, offering a parcel to be transported and/or by signing an AirWay Bill will establish your acceptance with such amendment. The updated version of PHXs General Conditions for Transportation will control, in case of a HAWB conflict, fee or information, resource or service supplied at the Site. Nothing in this document will be considered an agreement by PHX to supply any kind of transportation service. It is understood that, independently of anything here established, any complaint related to a parcel or in any other way related to the Transportation Conditions will be determined according to the Transportation Conditions.


The Site may, from time to time, include links that allow you to visit other sites owned and operated by other parties that are not PHX. These sites and the companies they belong to are not controlled by or related to PHX. PHX does not make any kind of declaration or guarantee or assumes any type of obligation or responsibility relative to any information, products or services supplied by or made available in such sites or in relation to the quality or acceptance of any person or entity that may offer information, products or services, or in any way referred to in any of these sites. PHX does not test or make declarations about exactness, performance or quality of any software found in such sites. If you access a site that does not belong to PHX, this will be at your own risk.


You assume all responsibility for following all the Brazilian regulations and laws and of any other country where you can access the Site in relation to the access, use, exportation, re-exportation and importation of any Content that may appear or be available at the Site. You accept and agree to not export, re-export or import any Content to any country to which the exportation, re-exportation or importation is restricted under the Brazilian regulations and laws, that you are not national to any kind of country like this and that the Content will not be used in the conception, development or production of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.

You also assume all responsibility for the use of any information, resource or services through the PHX site.


These Terms of Use and the use of this Site and of its Content are governed and interpreted according to the laws of Brazil, excluding the conflict of legal provisions. Any legal cause in relation to the Site, the Content or these Terms of Use must be instituted in one year´s time after the complaint or cause of the action have increased or be impelled and must be taken to a court of competent jurisdiction in the city of the company´s headquarters. If any disposition in the Terms of Use is considered totally or partially invalid or unenforceable by a competent jurisdiction court of law, these Terms of Use will be ineffective according to the invalidity or unenforceability without invalidating the other terms of these Terms of Use. These Terms of Use cannot be altered or modified without a written consent from PHX.


PHX is grateful for your comments, ideas and suggestions, but cannot answer each comment individually. PHX can use and act upon any information that is sent.

All information supplied to PHX by the visitors of these web pages are considered confidential and will not be divulged by PHX to third parties, except when necessary to offer a service.
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